Last 10 Matches Results of Barcelona vs Real Madrid – El Clasico Game

Contest of El Clasico are always a great rivalry in the football sports. Whenever these two teams Real Madrid and Barcelona football Club meet to each other its always a high voltage game. Todays 3rd December Both team Real Madrid and Barcelona are face to each other at Camp Nou, Barcelona So fans are looking to see the past match result. Here on this article we share with you Result of Last 10 Matches between Real Madrid vs Barcelona with Final Score of that match and Date of the encounter.

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Real Madrid vs Barcelona Recent 10 Matches Result

  • On 16-Apr-2011, Real Madrid vs Barcelona Score: 1-1
  • On 10-Dec-2011, Real Madrid vs Barcelona Score: 1-3
  • On 21-Apr-2012, Barcelona vs Real Madrid Score:: 1-2
  • On 7-Oct-2012, Barcelona vs Real Madrid Score:: 2-2
  • On 2-Mar-2013, Real Madrid vs Barcelona Score: 2-1
  • On 26-Oct-2013, Barcelona vs Real Madrid Score: 2-1
  • On 23-Mar-2014, Real Madrid vs Barcelona Score: 3-4
  • On 25-Oct-2014, Real Madrid vs Barcelona Score: 3-1
  • On 22-Mar-2015, Barcelona vs Real Madrid Score: 2-1
  • On 21-Nov-2015, Real Madrid vs Barcelona Score: 0-4
  • On 2 April 2016 Barcelona vs Real Madrid Score : 1-2

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